Business Organizations

Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck ("RHRC") helps residential and commercial real estate clients turn an idea into a profitable business by helping them choose the best entity formation for their needs and advising them how to structure documents to meet their goals.

Entity formation is an important consideration during the beginning stages of a business. Choosing the appropriate entity based upon liability concerns, partnership structure, and tax implications will have a major impact on the profitability and success of a business. RHRC is intimately familiar with the California real estate market and what is needed to succeed in the business world. The firm advises business clients on the benefits/drawbacks of different entities, including limited liability companies, corporations, and partnerships.

RHRC's business lawyers also advise clients on 1031 exchanges, a tax- deferral strategy that can be applied to future and current real estate transactions with beneficial tax implications.

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