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We Know The Specialized Areas Of Real Estate Law

The San Jose law firm of Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck concentrates specifically on real estate law. Our top-rated lawyers have a sophisticated understanding of the complicated and specialized laws that affect every aspect of real estate.

Whether navigating the complex legal requirements of a mixed-use high-rise, appealing a tax assessment, or bringing an action for partition, our experience and qualifications make us the best firm to effectively represent clients in all real estate matters.

Recent Case Successes
Spieker v. County of Santa Clara Tax Assessor’s Appeals. Obtained a settlement from the County Assessor reducing valuation of property by approximately $700,000.

Cargill v. Field, et al. (Santa Cruz County Superior Court Case #CV144428). Represented a young couple whose new house in the Santa Cruz Mountains was built on the wrong lot. After buying next-door lot to gain title to the land under their house, their neighbors denied them access to the road and water pipes. Sued the neighbors, got their case thrown out of court, and obtained prescriptive easements for access and water.

Blodgett v. Perea, et al. (Santa Clara County Superior Court Case #1-04-CV013158). Successfully prosecuted and obtained an arbitration award on behalf of a stepfather who helped his stepson purchase a residence. Stepfather paid the down payment and took title with the stepson. Stepson was going to live in the property, make all payments, and eventually repay stepfather down payment plus half the appreciation. However, he failed to do so, claiming the stepfather’s contribution was a gift, not an investment. Stepfather sued for partition and an accounting and was awarded the down payment, half the appreciation, plus attorneys’ fees against stepson.

Learn more about our recent Specialized case successes on our Case Results page.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Knows Real Estate Law

If you’re working with an attorney who does not have a full understanding of the nuances of local and California real estate laws, you may be sacrificing a lot. Our lawyers are well-versed in the specialized areas of local and state real estate statutes and can provide you with the effective representation you need. You can reach our San Jose law office online by filling out a brief contact form.