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Protecting Your Interests In Finance And Lending

At Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck in San Jose, we strive to help clients protect and manage their financial real estate investments. We understand that real estate investments are significant assets requiring specialized services. Our extensive expertise encompasses all aspects of real estate transactions, providing our clients with trustworthy, proven and reliable real estate, financial and investment representation.

Our attorneys guide our clients through all facets of finance and lending transactions, including:

  • Acquisition financing and construction loans
  • Security instruments
  • Receiverships
  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Deeds of trusts
  • Guaranty agreements
  • Other instruments regularly used in institutional and private lending

Finance And Lending Litigation

Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck routinely litigates matters arising out of financial concerns, always with the goal of protecting what is most important to our clients — their financial security.

We are well-versed in matters of collections, receiverships, attachment proceedings and enforcement of judgments, as well as those issues arising out of the Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant Act and the Home Equity Sales Contracts statutes.

Recent Case Result
Aguiar v. Walker, et al. (Santa Clara Superior Court Case No. 1-04-CV-012791). Successfully defended a claim made by a co-owner in a home that the parties purchased together in 1986. After 20 years of co-owning the property together, one co-owner claimed that other co-owner (our client) was a mortgage foreclosure consultant as defined by Civil Code 2945 et seq. and that she should now be entitled to void the original purchase and become the sole owner of the property. On the even of the trial, RHRC successfully obtained the rarely awarded terminating sanctions which eviscerated nearly the entirety of plaintiff’s complaint leaving her with only a small breach of contract claim. After trial, plaintiff lost her breach of contract claim and the defendant/clients prevailed on their counter claims for partition and breach of contract in addition to being awarded prevailing party attorney’s fees.
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Talk To A Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Financial Interests

If you are seeking representation regarding a financial transaction in California, our attorneys are here for you. To arrange your initial consultation, contact our law firm online.