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“Richard Gullen, RHRC shareholder, is the Stephen Curry of creative real estate and business lawyers. He really delivers. Facing very cagey opponents, Rick navigated and created a solution that was stunning. I admire his exceptional capacity for analysis, broad store of knowledge, a clear-headed and honest regard for facts and an exceptional talent designing a very imaginative solution. In short, very savvy. He totally out-performed the opposition and did it with aplomb. A gentleman and a gentle man. I enjoyed working with him. I highly recommend this consummate professional.”

From Richard Alexander

“My family and I highly recommend Rick Gullen for real estate disputes. He not only provided excellent legal representation on all fronts (strategy, negotiations, court, etc.) for a real estate dispute, but also helped us through an emotionally difficult time and became our friend in the process. Rick has earned my family’s trust and will be our attorney for real estate matters for many years to come.”

From Byron Alsberg
Co-Founder of WordChum

“For over 17 years, I have referred Rick to represent my clients in dozens of commercial real estate transactions involving a variety of investment properties, including retail, office, and industrial. He is extremely diligent in identifying any potential issues and developing win-win solutions which facilitate the deal while protecting my clients’ interests. Rick is a creative problem-solver, who pursues the best, most cost-efficient result for my clients.”

Bob Bower
Senior Vice President
CBRE Commercial Investment Properties

“Rick represented me on an extremely complex legal issue where we were up against deep pocketed opponents who thought they had an airtight case. Only through Rick’s dogged and creative execution of our position were we able to prevail without going to court. I recommend him highly.”

Blake Winchell
Managing Director
Partner Ventures

“During the course of a complicated $2M+ development project in the Town of Los Gatos, I retained the services of attorney Rick Gullen from the law offices of Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck in response to neighboring property owner’s lawsuits objecting to the project, as well as a breach of contract. Additionally, despite the project being permitted, there was increasing obstruction by City administration in response to these lawsuits that required Rick and his firm to intervene. The scope and breadth of the litigation required the involvement of California Fish and Wildlife, US Army Corp of Engineers, California Water Board, Air Quality Management District, County of Santa Clara, Town of Los Gatos Town Attorney, as well as surveyors, engineers, arborists, and hydrologists.

In addition to his years of personal, in-depth real estate law knowledge and litigation experience, and a large firm behind him specializing in complicated real estate matters, Rick brought to the table personal connections with experts ranging from former city Planners, structural and geotechnical engineers, aerial photography firms, surveyors, specialized insurance attorneys, property title experts, traffic engineers, etc.

The litigations spanned issues including easements, access right of ways, public vs private roadway right of ways, lot line disputes stemming from titles and maps from the 1800’s, and he also successfully won an arbitration award for liquidated damages, arguing against a complex claim of unmarketable title due to appurtenant easements and junior vs senior deeds of trust.

During the course of the litigation and negotiations with the City, Rick’s counsel and direction was always with our best interests in mind. As contentious as it became, Rick’s demeanor with all involved parties, allowed for the possibility of an amicable compromise where appropriate. Conversely, he successfully and forcefully argued points where there would be no compromise.

Our project could not have been successful without the help and guidance of Rick Gullen and the offices of Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck.”

Tom Grammer

“I have been a Client and have worked with Rick Gullen for a period of two years, so far. I am very pleased with the results that I have seen thusfar. I have no need to seek “counsel” with any other law firm because I personally believe that I have retained the best attorney within the Silicon Valley area. He has helped me achieve payment in multiple cases and his win-loss ratio is at a 100% win status. How many lawyers have that ratio? I know that I actually asked that question upon out first meeting. Because Mr. Gullen was so professional and never lets “the cart go before the horse” he managed my expectations from the onset. He continues to do so today (not that he needs to because he always wins!).

He is always professional and timely with all of his responses. I have never asked him a question that he didn’t have the appropriate answer for. In my opinion, he is an EXPERT in contract law. I also believe that the working relationship is very successful because we are of similar personality types. He is a BULLDOG! Once he “takes a bite he doesn’t let go”. We are the same in this capacity and this is exactly what is needed in my industry, on many occasions, which is Construction. It is a very trying industry and people are always trying to “take a bite out of the Little Guy”. Rick never lets this happen. He doesn’t like to see people taken advantage of.

You could easily describe Rick’s potential and viability with one line …. As they say in the War movie G.I. Jane, at the end of the movie, “O’Neil I’d go to war with you any day!” and I totally would and do, on a regular basis, with Rick. I completely feel this way about Mr. Gullen. You require a certain level of Bulldog and Grit that are required to make people PAY for the wrongs that they have committed against others.

If you hire Rick you WILL BE protected! You will be served with the utmost professionalism. You will be happy with the continuous results that you would achieve by having hired him. I know I sure am. He is worth every penny spent! I am grateful to be able to continue working together.”

Design Plumbing

“Over the last 6 years, Rick has represented my company in buying, developing, leasing and selling numerous commercial properties in California and Nevada. The businesses involved have included publicly traded companies such as Valero, Walgreens, Autozone, Tire Works, Kelly Moore Paint, Aaron’s Rentals, as well as local businesses. Rick has consistently delivered timely and effective solutions in our transactions. I will continue to use him and recommend him with the highest regard.”

Mike Khaziri
DeAnza Properties

“I hired Mr.Gullen to help me with a real estate transaction gone wrong. When everything else failed and my realtor bailed on me, I was left with no option but to look for a lawyer. From the very outset, Mr.Gullen had a laser focus on what my primary goal was (to get the house). He came up to speed very quickly on the case and was exceptional in his communications with the rival party. He was a tremendous advocate on my behalf and managed to clinch the deal. He always kept all parties in the loop and was accessible over the phone anytime. This forms the basis of my exceptional rating for his abilities.

We all have heard things about how expensive lawyers can get and how they have a propensity to drag the litigation on and on, thereby running up the bills for their clients. A huge part of why I rate him so highly has been his integrity in this regard. He was always sensitive to my goals and the costs associated. He was forthright in discouraging me from taking up some choices due to the low return on investment. For me this was his biggest strength as it took away a lot of anxiety from my end.

In terms of his personality, he is very friendly and we have had multiple interactions where I ended a conversation with a smile on my lips. This is an invaluable trait to have when we are dealing with high stake litigations.

All in all, I would not really prefer to be engaged in a legal battle as its bad for my nerves. But if I had no choice, there would be no-one else but Mr.Gullen that I would prefer on my side.”

Aravind Kandala
Apple Computer, Inc.

“Rick represented us through a grueling three-year litigation of depositions and motions, and then a 5-day arbitration. He did a masterful job throughout the process. His preparations were meticulous, thorough, and professional. His cross examinations were to the point and really addressed the issues. His grasp of the law and the facts of the case were impressive. He also did a superb job on the summation. The arbitrator awarded almost all of the damages and equitable relief we were seeking, plus interest and attorney’s fees. This was in addition to the large settlement that Rick negotiated from our title insurance company. Ultimately, we recovered more than our original claim. I am grateful that he represented us.”

Chuck Chan
Venture Capitalist