Where Did My Garbage Bill Go?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Current Events

tarting July 1, 2015, residents of San Jose will no longer receive a bill for garbage and recycling. In September 2013, the City of San Jose approved a plan of placing the billing of garbage and recycling services provided by the City of San Jose on the Santa Clara County secured property tax bill.

The City already collects sanitary and storm sewer utility services via the tax bill. Adding garbage and recycling service charges to the property tax bill will align with how the City currently collects for other property-based utility services.

While this change will not likely affect most property owners, it could throw a little bit of a wrench into rental properties where the garbage and recycling bills are paid directly by the tenants as part of the lease. In those instances, landlords and tenants would be best served by amending their leases accordingly.

Unlike electricity, gas and water services, garbage and recycling services can never terminated nor interrupted. This is so regardless of whether the property is occupied or utilizing the services. While the City has always had the ability to place a lien on the property for unpaid garbage and recycling services, inclusion of these into the property tax bill will reduce the amount of delinquencies and administration costs to the City.

If you have questions regarding the implementation of these changes, or any other questions regarding garbage and recycling service, City of San Jose residents should contact the City or review the “frequently asked questions” on the City’s website.