Zoning and Land Use

San Jose Real Estate Development And Land Use Lawyers

Lawyers at Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck ("RHRC") assist developers in all aspects of their development deals. Any new development involves a host of issues. The firm assists their developer clients through all stages of acquisition, planning, financing, construction, leasing, or selling. It represents clients in their dealings with LAFCO, planning commissions, and city councils. If a developer runs into a legal concern while developing a property, RHRC will step in with its advice and assistance to get the project moving quickly towards successful completion.

The attorneys provide advice, advocacy, and litigation services regarding zoning and permitting matters, subdivision processing and approvals, general plans, entitlements, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) issues. They also help clients comply with zoning and land use laws governing such issues as allowed activities on a piece of property, building height, parking requirements, and other concerns.

RHRC's attorneys are experienced in matters ranging from residential remodeling projects to major commercial, industrial and mixed-use projects. The firm also provides litigation services associated with client development efforts when a governmental agency improperly denies a project or otherwise imposes unwarranted restrictions.

From project conception to public approval, RHRC delivers innovative, timely, and effective results to clients with land use needs.

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