Real Estate Development

From residential remodeling projects to major commercial, industrial, and mixed-use projects, RHRC assists its developer clients through all stages of acquisition, planning, financing, construction, leasing, and/or selling. No project is too complex for our concentrated legal team. RHRC is one of the few firms in the Bay Area experienced with immense residential developments, high-rise projects, commercial brokerage, multi-tenant leases, assisting companies in buying and converting agricultural land into extensive commercial and residential developments, negotiating development agreements, leasing and purchase agreements, and options. We represent clients with LAFCO, planning commissions, and city councils. Our attorneys provide advice, advocacy, and litigation services regarding zoning, land use and subdivision matters, general plans, entitlements, and governmental requirements.

Real estate development involves a multitude of intricate issues, on all of which RHRC is uniquely qualified to offer advice and counsel. If a legal concern arises, RHRC is committed to assisting as expeditiously as possible to get the project moving quickly towards successful completion.