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10/17/2016 - RHRC Bosses’ Day
The staff at RHRC celebrate our bosses today, and everyday, because great bosses see more in us than we see in ourselves, and they help us learn to see it too!

Bosses Day

February 2016 Missy Cornejo joins RHRC as Associate Attorney

June 2015 John S. Tynes joins RHRC as Associate Attorney.

June 19, 2015: Where Did My Garbage Bill Go?
Starting July 1, 2015, residents of San Jose will no longer receive a bill for garbage and recycling. Read More

A Message From Dean Rossi
I've always been proud of my father, Ron Rossi, and after you read the Sillicon Valley Business Journal's recent interview with him, I think you'll understand why. Read More...

Dean Rossi

RHRC Boss's Day 2014!

Boss Day

Boss Day 2

Sunnyvale aims for influence on stalled Town Center

"You can now Follow Us on Twitter @RHRC_Lawyers."

"RHRC obtains favorable settlement for victim of the PG&E gas line fire in San Mateo."

"RHRC wins liability phase of monumental case in Monterey County Superior Court regarding the 2007 Alvarado Street Fire."

"RHRC is proud to announce that JILL FOX has been elected to one of the San Jose Trustee Positions for the 2014 Santa Clara County Bar Association Board of Trustees. Congratulations Jill!"

"Jim Towery is appointed to the Santa Clara County Superior Court."

"Congratulations to Rick Gullen on his appointment to the Planning Commission for the City of Gilroy. As commissioner, Rick will be responsible for reviewing applications for various types of land use entitlements including subdivisions, planned unit developments, zone changes, conditional use permits and variances from the City's development standards."

October 10, 2013
"RHRC would like to congratulate SAM CHUCK for being selected to Northern California Super Lawyers for the past 10 years! Less than 1% of attorneys received this Honor of Excellence in Practice and we are certainly proud of this accomplishment."


"Sam Chuck & Eric Gravink speak to a large crowd at SCCAOR regarding How to Draft a Contract Addendum."

Rick Gullen standing on the future 50-yard line of the new 49er stadium under construction. The tour was given to planning commissioners as part of the California Planning Commissioners Association Conference.

Ron Rossi speaks before SCCAOR University on "Liars, Lawyers & Litigation," and provides legal advice to Bay Area Realtors on:

  • Why a buyer's agent has more exposure than the listing agent
  • 90% of lawsuits filed are brought by buyers against seller and agents
  • How to use the TDS to protect yourself
  • How "overdisclosure" is usually the best strategy
  • How rapport can deflect a suit
  • How copious notes can halt a potential lawsuit
  • How to fill addenda to the TDS and what it could mean for you
  • That the client is under no general "duty to investigate"; and what means for you
  • How you are responsible for the MLS description of the property
  • Why square-footage disclosure is more trouble than it's worth
  • About the nightmare that is dual-agency
  • That prophylaxis is the best cure & much more



Rossi, Hamerslough, Reischl & Chuck is proud to announce that one of its partners, Eric A. Gravink, was recently awarded the "AV Preeminent Rating" by Martindale-Hubbell, peer-review ratings. The AV rating is the highest possible rating given by Martindale-Hubbell for a lawyer and is established wholly on a peer-review basis. The AV Preeminent designation signifies Eric has been rated by judges and fellow attorneys as having the highest possible rating for legal abilities and ethical standards.

The "AV Preeminent" rating is awarded to less than 5% of all attorneys across the United States, and is the highest rating offered by the Martindale-Hubbell law directory. The legal ability rating indicates professional ability in a specific area of practice and is based on the following areas: legal knowledge, analytical capabilities, judgment, communication, and legal experience. The general ethical standard ratings denotes adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria relevant to discharge professional responsibilities.

The AV Preeminent rating is a nationally-recognized acknowledgment of Eric's accomplishments and skills as an attorney, and places him among the elite practitioners in the country. Ron Rossi, Senior Managing Partner, commented "I am ecstatic that Eric has been evaluated as being worthy of such a highly-regarded distinction. It is a true testament to Eric's abilities and character, and the firm's continuing commitment to the highest ethical standards and legal competence."

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May, 2015

Enforcing Oral Agreements to Share Commissions
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April, 2015

How Fixtures, Fittings and Personal Proprety are Treated Under the Revised PRD's and C.A.R. Contracts
By David Hamerslough
March, 2015

Additional Observations on the Revisions to the C.A.R. and PRDS Purchase Contracts
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February, 2015

Amended Disclosures Under the Revised PRD's and C.A.R. Contracts
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January, 2015

Property Defects and You
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Legal Updates - PRDS & C.A.R. Contract Changes
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No Longer Fenced In After 150 Years
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March 2014

Right to Repair
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March 31, 2014

New Land Use Laws
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March 5, 2014

Flood Insurance Reform - What It Means To Buyers, Sellers, and Property Owners
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March, 2014

Seller Financing Under The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act
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February, 2014

A Below Market Rate Purchase Option is an Exaction under the mitigation fee
By Richard Gullen
January 31,2014

A Question: Does My Neighbor Have To Pay For The Repair/Replacement Of Our Shared Fence?
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January, 2014

Landlords can be Vulnerable to Prescriptive Easement Claims
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October 21, 2013

Normal Business Hours for Real Estate Licensees
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October 17, 2013

Selling With A Tenant
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September 27, 2013

Considerations for Salespersons Operating Under Team Names
By Laurel Champion
September 20, 2013

The "Whys" and "What Ifs" of Writing an Addendum
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September 13, 2013

Electronic Communications And Team Names: What The DRE Now Expects
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Observations On The Revised PRDS SSC
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Disclosure Duties to Visitors of Marketed Property
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"Pocket" Listings Can Pick your Pocket
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Boundaries: The Straight Line
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Fences: Myth, Reality, and The Law
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January 18, 2013